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Prioritizing Health & Safety Around the Globe

Altum's provides a wide range of Environmental Health & Safety Solutions focusing on construction safety, onsite safety training, policy writing and accident investigation. Over the years, Altum has changed the safety culture for our clients, by optimizing on site safety, thereby saving company resources by reducing losses because of worker absenteeism, and heavy accidental compensation claims.

Altum Assurance

Serving Various Domains

We at Altum have decades of experience servicing various industries such as construction, oil refineries, gas plants, manufacturing of chemicals, heavy machinery, thermal power plants, and nuclear power plants.

end-to-end solutions

Altum utilizes its extensive experience in various industries to provide operational, administrational, engineering, and planning excellence for safety at your workplace.

Customized to Your Requirements

The broad spectrum of environmental health and safety compliance training can get overwhelming. To make it easy, we at Altum custom design our training to suit the needs of your workplace.

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+1 323 741 6070

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