Keeping Infrastructure Facilities Pathogen-Free and People Healthy

The advent of the Covid-19 pandemic has made stopping the spread of highly contagious diseases the top priority for all public and private institutions around the globe. After thorough years of research, Altum proudly offers a variety of industry-grade sanitizers and disinfectants for use in hospitals, offices, manufacturing facilities, educational institutes, restaurants, hotels, and more.

Instead of killing only bacteria like a majority of Sanitizers in the market, our Disinfectants kill a wider range of micro-organisms ensuring the highest safety against the risk of infections. Our chemists at Altum can work towards customizing the disinfectant and sanitizer formulas to create the perfect product tailored to match your Private Labels.



Revolutionizing Healthcare Around the Globe

Altum has leveraged digitization and IT to its maximum in the last 3 years. Complete with end to end digitization, and manufacturing/supply of healthcare infrastructure, Altum has managed to reduce the cost, delay, and blur in data analysis.

With world-class IoT, Blockchain, and global resource base, Altum provides best in class solutions at unmatched cost to healthcare organizations around the world. Systematic IT planning, system specification, consistent support, vendor planning, evaluation, design, and execution ensures 360-degree digitization of application and implementation of soft and hard infrastructure.

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+1 323 741 6070

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