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Altum has revolutionized the defence industry all over the world by assisting our clients with high-end technology, and equipment & logistics support. Our aim is to procure best in class equipment and become self-reliant through quality products, empowered personnel and the increase of private equity in the defence and aerospace industries. Our close collaboration with leaders from the armed forces ensures knowledge from deep within the industry.

Altum Assurance

100% transparency

With over 10 years of experience, and the trust of over __ armies, Altum has created a niche in the marketspace through transparent and quality dealings, ground-breaking advisory, and clear and impartial assessment of the opportunities, basis the existing resources.

Quality assessments

Our thorough market research uncovers the core competencies and the opportunity for global defence supply chain integrations to the customer.

From theory to land:

Altum apart from imparting education on policies and procurement, also provides quality products from the international defence markets, including equipment manufacturers- a few of those include road wheels, simulation & training grounds, and land Systems.

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+1 323 741 6070

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